TS870RC - a remote radio control app for OSX

Latest changes

Version 4.3 in progress

Some minor changes related to transverter mode.

2400MHz added, autoswitch to 28MHz, Ant 2, TX Relay.


Version history

Version 4.2

Setup audio volume was too high, volume reduced for SP31

Version 4.1

Wheel support to set in menu and preferences.

Launch or auto-launch a separate app, like wheel software.

Three shortcuts have been changed.

Associated files (lists) have been moved from the documents folder to the app folder.

New broadcast menu for quick access to shortwave broadcast frequencies.

Version 4.0

Favorite QRG added. New menu items to save and load a single QRG for quick access.

Version 3.9

Changed memory managemente to ARC,

Peak Hold meter selection added,

Date/time format localized in Logbook,

UTC time  added to main window and logbook,

"Special" menu added,

Shortwave beacon list file added to data menu,

Version 3.8

Software Update check via menu item, output to alertSheet,

Version 3.7

S-Meter image size slightly changed,

RIT offset value in main window,

VSWR test added,

Software Update check via menu item, output to Monitor drawer,

Version 3.6

Frequency spacing 3 kHz added (for up/down buttons),

RIT added to transverter panel, menu items added to Radio menu,

Version 3.5

Data menu added, Prefix - Logbook - Broadcast lists

Version 3.4

TX preset, "dots" added to setup parameters,

Speech prozessor button, position changed to TX drawer

Transverter panel added,

Version 3.3

Preset menu for TX audio adjustments,

Version 3.2

PopUpButton for serial baudrate added in preferences,

Select memories changed for the casi if memory is empty,

Version 3.1

Logbook modified for CSV and SSV data, init checking data format,

Memory write button design,

Radio menu added, display lights, meter switch, TX inhibit, partial reset,

Lock status in main display changed,

RS232 speed changed to 38400 baud fix rate,

Version 3.0

Compiled with Xcode 5.11,

System Version check,

Reading ATT after band or frequency changes,

Power meter selector added to menu,

WebView reload button added,

Button design changed in HUD panels for Yosemite,