TS870RC - a remote radio control app for OSX


I have tested the Powermate wheel, and it works quiet well with TS870RC and other apps.

The software does not install system extensions, but has to run in the background.

I like this and see it as a plus, as the wheel software runs only when I really need it.

As far as I know from their support site, it is not fully compatible with OS X 10.11 and above.

Nevertheless, I have tested my configuration with OS X 10.12 Sierra, and it works fine.

I have added some TS870RC shortcuts to the Powermate software, so that frequency control (up/down keys) can be realized by tuning the wheel shuttle left/right like a VFO knob.

There are two sections in their software to handle the modifier keys. (Alt key, Cmd key, etc.).

The "trigger" sections and the "key press" section.

I had some trouble in the beginning, and figured out a day later, that the modifiers should be added only in the "trigger" section with TS870RC !


To do it a little bit more comfortable, I have changed the the TS870RC code Version 4.1 to support the wheel software, the way it can be added to the TS870RC preferences.

TS870RC can be addressed to auto- launch the wheel software, while TS870RC is starting.

Any other software can be launched as well if desired and saved within the TS870RC preferences.